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Creating an Ecosystem of Collaboration

The DNI Group is a diversified investment holding company with interests in the retail, telecommunications, distribution and technology sectors. The key objective of the Group is to provide attractive products, services and solutions to our clients via each of our underlying business’.

Amongst our core competencies include providing our clients with enhanced reach via our extensive distribution channels, superior product pricing and working capital management via our supply chain expertise, as well as world-class technology to bring to market convenient products and services that benefit end-consumers. In summary, we aim to collaborate with both our business and consumer clients in a mutually beneficial manner such that we can grow together.

DNI Group

The DNI Group, via our underlying subsidiaries, is a market leader in the following segments:

  • Sim and starter pack distribution
    • We distribute for all major networks with over 15,000 points of presence
  • Airtime distribution and value-added services
  • Hardware (primarily handset) distribution
    • Supply well over 4m handsets into sub-Saharan Africa
  • Technology services and solutions
    • Myriad of attractive solutions including mobile content, service delivery platforms, advance airtime, SMS aggregation and salary advances





Meet the Executives

Andrew Dunn

Andrew Dunn


Andrew Dunn has over 25 years experience in all areas of business development and Private Equity, from establishing and scaling companies to structuring and managing business investments.

David Smaldon

David Smaldon


With a strong skill set in financial management at every level, Dave began his career at Super Group. Joining DNI in 2007 as the Group CFO, Dave has recently been appointed as the Group COO.

Niven Shaw

Niven Shaw


Niven began his DNI journey in 2017 as Financial Manager for M4JAM, a subsidiary of  DNI. In April 2019, Niven’s expertise and successful track record made him the perfect candidate to become DNI’s Group CFO

Head Mergers and Acquisitions

Ziyaad Manie

Chief Strategy Officer

Ziyaad joined in 2020 as M&A head assisting on Group funding, acquisitions, disposals and strategy. Ziyaad has helped the Group source new investors, execute significant acquisitions, raise well over a R1bn in debt funding and facilitate a noteworthy investment by a prominent BEE partner (the MIC).

DNI Group Legal Counsel

Liam Heinzelmann

Group Legal Counsel

After a successful career with Werksman Attorneys where he advised on mergers & acquisitions, mining transactions, listings on the JSE and more, Liam joined DNI in 2020 as the Group’s Legal Counsel.

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