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Andrew Dunn CEO SleepOut 2016

The CEO SleepOut 2016
Andrew Dunn was nominated by Gavin Varejes, Chairman of Richmark Holdings, to participate in The Sun International CEO SleepOut™, where business leaders will spend the night on The Nelson Mandela Bridge on Thursday 28 July 2016, gaining empathy and raising funds for education – a vital step on the road to eliminating homelessness.

If you would like to assist in donating to help raise funds for this worthy cause, please Donate Online The CEO SleepOut 2016

What is the CEO Sleepout
The world is full of innovators and entrepreneurs, but there is a new world order when it comes to thinking about philanthropy. Today we talk of “social entrepreneurs” and “social innovation” that turns profits into positive change. Leading this new world order in South Africa is The CEO SleepOutTM.
Founded in 2015, The CEO SleepOutTM brand’s desire is to create a force for positive change and sustainable social impact in South Africa’s most vulnerable communities and societies, by forging relationships with those in a position of power and influence. Believing that the “old” system of raising funds and donations has run its course, The CEO SleepOutTM brand aims to create new, mindful fund-raising, where money is raised alongside understanding, empathy and deep insight into the lives of vulnerable, homeless South Africans.

It wants to give the “Have Gots” the chance to experience a short time as “Have Nots”, to awaken compassion in our leaders, to understand there is no “Us” and “Them” – only a “We”. The brand offers a chance to bring together people with enough financial and social influence to truly make a difference. It’s Capitalism With A Conscience.

The first wave of this new way of thinking about philanthropy washed over South Africa at the inaugural CEO SleepOutTM Event in 2015. Originating from The Vinnies Sleepout event held in Sydney, Australia in 2006, the CEO SleepOutTM Event on 16 June 2015 saw 247 CEOs and business leaders trade their Porches for the pavement, and spend the night outdoors on the freezing street of Millionaire’s Mile, Gwen Lane in Sandton. The event – the most successful fund-raising event in the history of South Africa – raised more than R26-million overnight. This year, The CEO SleepOutTMwill focus on EDUCATION and its role in helping to reduce homelessness.

For more information please visit The CEO SleepOut 2016

Cell C Girl Child Bursary Students Announced

They Dreamed, They Believed, and They Will Now Achieve

They Dreamed, They Believed, and They Will Now Achiev

Wednesday, 15 June 2016: The Cell C Girl Child Bursary Fund yesterday hosted a lunch for their bursary recipients and partners who have made donations towards bursaries for young women. Also at the lunch were representatives of the non-profit organisation, Tomorrow Trust, who partner with Cell C and assist with the identification of post-matric qualifying girls from disadvantaged backgrounds who would benefit from, and obtain formal qualifications, from the fund.

Said the Cell C Foundation’s Managing Executive, Suzette van der Merwe: “We see the offering of bursaries complementary to our Cell C Take a Girl Child to Work Day® initiative and as a long term, sustainable investment that empowers women. Said van der Merwe: “The development and empowerment of young women is at the heart of Cell C’s corporate structure and corporate social investment initiatives.”

“Education remains one of the most important means of achieving gender equity as it empowers women with knowledge, skills, self-confidence and social and economic status. These qualities enable women to participate meaningfully in our economy, Suzette said.”

She added: “Given the number of young women who are unemployed and therefore vulnerable in every possible way, education is critical.”
To attain this goal, the Cell C Foundation started the Cell C Girl Child Bursary Fund in 2013.

A disturbing recent survey found that for every 100 South African students, only 51 make it to senior school. A mere 40 of the 100 learners finish high school, 16 qualify for college and just 2 students graduate college.

The Tomorrow Trust’s Lorena El-Lakkis: “Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty by creating independent, well-rounded and self-sustainable graduates and it is through this that our partnership with Cell C was founded.
Like the Cell C Foundation, we believe that the empowerment of women begins with education and we are delighted to assist to manage the Cell C Girl Child Bursary Fund by supporting 30 young, dynamic women to achieve their dreams.”

Said van der Merwe: “Tomorrow Trust’s valuable contribution through psycho social support, life skill development and academic support have delivered astounding results that shows our South African youth are indeed our future to a successful country moving forward”.

The bursaries cover registration, tuition fees, books, accommodation and meals as well as a monthly allowance.

This year’s recipients are:

  1. Phindile Mthombeni
  2. Sinethemba Phakathi
  3. Zamazindela Malinga
  4. Tamsyn-Lee Donnelly
  5. Ushmikka Badal
  6. Shelzia Ngobe
  7. Sharon Gabanankgosi
  8. Tatenda Sibanda
  9. Bahle Gushman
  10. Nelisiwe Mfabe
  11. Lindiwe Digoro
  12. Nobuhle Mazibuko

Each young lady were given a Huawei sponsored tablet and Cell C data.

Their fields of study include Accounting, Commerce, Law, Medicine, Marketing and Computer Science. Several young women who have been beneficiaries of bursaries in the past 3 years were there to cheer on and give advice to this year’s intake.

Since its inception, big business has made generous donations to the Cell C Foundation, making it possible for 10 young women a year to receive bursaries.

Cell C is grateful for the support from its donor partners:

  • DNI
  • Huawei
  • FCB
  • Glocell’s Acorn Foundation
  • ABSA
  • Cell C Shareholders and Executives.

For more information go to or continue the conversation on social media:

In early May NAC staff members collected 515 litres of water for drought stricken areas which was distributed with the kind assistance of DHL. At the same time NAC held a drive for the collection of sports equipment and clothing for the disadvantaged. Once again, the NAC family delivered and a mountain of clothing was collected. Pastor Lizzie Ngwane sent us a message of thanks. Kwena Molapo is extremely well supported by NAC on a continuous basis with special events days, donations of furniture and sponsorships. Joanna Fuchs wrote a lovely letter of appreciation. The NG Suiderlig Church also received their donation with gratitude. Thank you to the NAC team for your kindness and generosity!

- Water Collection in NAC Head Office Reception

- Clothing and sports equipment collected

- Joseph Kubuye delivering donations to a church in Cosmo City

- Pfarelo Munene delivering sport equipment to Kwena Molapo Schoo

- NG Suiderlig receiving donations with gratitude

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Telco product distributor, Informal Solution Providers, has announced its acquisition of micro-jobbing platform, M4JAM (Money for Jam). Informal Solution Providers will trade under the name M4JAM.

The acquisition helps turn Informal Solution’s plan to build an active ecosystem that attracts and retains members by virtue of its real and immediate value, into a reality. It also adds an exciting dimension to Informal Solution’s business plan by facilitating activation and growth in its existing one million active user base.

Informal Solution Chair, Andy Payne, comments: “We were looking to add product to our existing proposition and required a channel to reach our market more dynamically. We were building our own platform when we came across M4JAM. We then realised their application was a near perfect match to our requirements, but with a lot of added appeal.”

What is M4JAM?

M4JAM is an exciting platform for any micro-entrepreneur. It:matches micro-jobs with “jobbers”;

  • matches micro-jobs with “jobbers”;
  • provides opportunities to activate personal networks (through its “jobber army” functionality);
  • crowd sources data at alarming speeds;
  • offers exciting (and game-like) map-driven job functionality; and
  • allows jobbers to earn on the way to work, at work and while they sleep.

Addressing unemployment and underemployment

According to Payne, “jobs on demand” is a likely (if not certain) future trend and empowering, one job at a time, must be the way to go. “I expect the formal job market to embrace this trend as, for a lot of us, it will become a necessity just to cover essentials,” he says.

CEO of Informal Solution, Richard Dunn, adds: “Through the M4JAM platform, we have the potential to be one of the biggest job creators in South Africa. We will positively contribute towards addressing the terrible social issues that come with unemployment and underemployment.” He continues, “Too much talent is lost (permanently), through the youth of this country not having any real commercial opportunity. By building this ecosystem we plan to take this issue head-on.”

Expanding options on the existing platform

M4JAM is focused on enhancing the platform to ensure it attracts and retains jobbers. “Once they enter our network, it’s up to us to keep them there,” Dunn says. “So we are going to make sure their behaviour is rewarded and that there’s enough value in the ecosystem for them to keep engaging.”

M4JAM’s existing community of 130 000 jobbers can expect several exciting new features and value propositions.

The platform will be enhanced over the next few months. In the meantime, Dunn encourages existing jobbers to complete the non-paid jobs. “We are crowdsourcing ideas around our re-launch. Our intention is to give our jobbers a voice and allow them to be part of the exciting new direction that M4JAM is embarking on.”

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