DNI is mainly a South African business with the intention of expanding into sub-Saharan Africa.

It is a market leader in sim card distribution with 20% market share and is a sizeable player in handset distribution as well for tier 2 and 3 handsets

DNI’s diverse portfolio of underlying businesses also provides a layer of defensiveness as well as the ability to re-deploy talent and capital towards the more attractive business units in the Group

The overall Group is run by Andrew Dunn (CEO and founder) with the aim of driving synergies across the broader group and establishing a robust ecosystem of interrelated assets and businesses.

Many of the underlying businesses have their own management teams who typically have a level of shareholding and/or long-term incentives to create strong alignment. This decentralized model creates the necessary accountability to perform within each silo.

The business in the process of significantly bolstering human capital in specific areas.

Our History

Borne from intellectual capital in 2006, DNI began as a procurement business offering cost reduction and supply chain optimisation solutions to large corporations. As a result of our confidence in our abilities as well as the need of our customers to realise tangible value, we adopted a risk sharing model . Our business goal was to enter into joint ventures where we shared both the risk and reward of our performance.

In 2010 DNI set off to specialise in distribution and retail for the telecommunications industry. DNI’s investment strategy revolves around owning the route to market and customer acquisition at the retail point of purchase.

Currently DNI’s competitive advantage rests in our national reach and retail footprint throughout South Africa as well as building close connections with our partners.

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