DNI Retail Direct Route To Market

Direct Route To Market Explained (foot soldiers & truck model)

Direct Route To Market is one of the most effective sales method and is all about creating emotional connections with consumers by using experiences and interactions. It is a great marketing tool, which helps our clients to leave a mark on their customers by creating a strong brand recall. DNI Retail’s Direct Route To Market acts as a bridge between business and the customer and builds a strong differentiating factor and niche.


  • Increases the return purchase rate
  • Strengthens the relationship between company and customer
  • Improves brand ranking
  • Increases market share


  • To empower unemployed individuals in emerging markets, through the distribution of prepaid starter packs
  • To ensure job creation and afford the unemployed the ability to a stable monthly income
  • Create self-funded entrepreneurs, who will have the ability to on-sell the product to the masses

Foot Soldiers & Truck Model

Foot Soldier

A foot soldier is an individual person who registers to become a reseller or distributor of prepaid starter packs. This model will normally be advised when the agent or distributor does not have any start-up capital and would like to start earning a passive income through the distribution of prepaid SIM cards as well as prepaid airtime

Truck Model

A DNI Retail Truck team consists of the following:

  • Branded Vehicle / Van
  • 1 Team Leader
  • 10 Promoters
  • Foot soldiers