The Starter Pack Company

The Starter Pack Company was founded in 2007 after identifying a market need for a specialist multi-network pre-paid sim distribution supplier.

The Company has since evolved further and today they not only offer pre-paid sim cards on behalf of all the South African cellular networks, but also offer customers RICA functionality and the ability to sell value added products such as pre-paid airtime, data and electricity.

DNI Retails

DNI Retail

DNI Retail is a wholesale business offering starter packs nationwide and was established in 2002.DNI Retail is responsible for:

  1. Distribution of Cell C starter packs and airtime
  2. Building and maintaining relationships with mobile retail partners
  3. Direct Route to Market – a unique service with the ability to deliver prepaid starter packs to various delivery channels and has been proven successful through customer partnerships.
Switch Mobile

Switch Mobile

Switch Mobile was founded in 2018 and distributes SIM cards to it’s unique distribution channels on behalf of the mobile networks.



Specpack Field Services

Specpack Field Services provides high level Brand Management services focusing on dealers and retailers, covering all aspects of Merchandising, Training, Monitoring, Reporting, Problem Solving, Effective Communication and building of mutually beneficial relationships with the goal to maximise the clients exposure in order to achieve the ultimate goal of driving sales.

Specpack Field Services are leaders in:

  • Field services
  • Sales which include brand specific in-store specialists
  • Providing and managing dedicated field specialists
  • Marketing intelligence through sophisticated software solutions to fit your business
  • Maintaining and executing marketing material
  • Maintaining and building brand awareness and customer service in the retail environment
  • Facilitating and maintaining offsite sales and marketing campaigns
    Driving sales and marketing targets by store
Mobile Mart

Mobile Mart

Mobile Mart is a leading distributor of prepaid products and transactional services in South Africa. This includes prepaid airtime, data, electricity, water, voucher-based products and bill payment services. 



WWAS is a niche, dynamic and diversified broker that delivers risk and insurance services and solutions to its clients. WWAS has adopted a flexible and creative approach which allows the creation of innovative solutions to its clients’ insurance, assurance and risk financing needs.

They provide insurance products to the telecommunications industry, specifically handset insurance  in the postpaid space.


3G Mobile

3G Mobile

Mobile Device & Tablet Distributors

The leading distributor into the African continent.

3G Mobile supplies and distributes mobile phones and tablets to major retailers across South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa and has become one of the continents leading distributors

3G Mobile Footprint


  • JHB South Africa
  • CPT South Africa
  • GABARONE Botswana
  • WINDHOEK Namibia
  • PORT LOUIS Mauritius


  • Angola
  • Lesotho
  • Mozambique
  • Swaziland
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe
3G Mobile Footprint


Hurricane Mobile was formed by Evercomm with the mission of being a leading supplier of mobile devices in South Africa and the SADC region. Hurricane Mobile currently supplies some of South Africa’s leading retail and mobile operators. This is achieved through the provision of quality products that are a fusion of integrity and energy. Evercomm is a communication specialist that deals with the manufacture of customised, innovative and technologically driven devices. The Hurricane mobile brand deals in mobile devices, ranging from simple mobile phones to highly advanced smart phones and tablets. All Hurricane mobile products are of high quality, with ICASA approval. We are proud to be a GOOGLE Approved partner with all SMART devices being GMS approved. The brand also guarantees quality by offering a 12 month warranty for all devices. All of these devices are custom made to cater for the South African and SADC region market, which demands constant advancement in technology to keep up with international trends, while maintaining affordability. Hurricane mobile is specifically meant to meet the consumer demand in the region.


Digital Ecosystems

Digital Ecosystems (DigiCo)

DigiCo (previously Blue Label Mobile) provides mobile phone users with a complete ecosystem of services that include smartphone applications, wireless application protocol (WAP), multimedia messaging services, (MMS), e-mail, location-based services (LBS), instant messaging, web messaging, SMS and unstructured supplementary service data (USSD). We enable the rapid roll out of mobile-mediated sales, financial services, banking, couponing, loyalty programmes, rewards, ticketing, transport, near field communications, media advertising, gaming and location-based services. Our technologies and products enable our customers to reach their customers, agnostic to any phone type or any mobile operator. Our main companies are Cellfind, Simigenix, Hyve Mobile, Panacea Mobile, Via Media and Airvantage

DigiCo Companies

Hyve Mobile

Hyve Mobile creates products for mobile operators and device manufacturers throughout Africa. Their products range from gaming to dating, from news to sport to cultural and religious services that work across USSD, SMS, and Mobile Web.


As Africa’s largest enabler of mobile messaging, mobile financial services, and mobile value added services, Cellfind helps financial services companies, telecom networks, retailers and other organisations to harness the power of mobile technology.


Simigenix supports Short Message Peer-to-Peer SMPP and SS7 connectivity directly to operators, third party aggregators and enterprise businesses throughout Africa and other international markets.

Panacea Mobile

Panacea Mobile is a communications technology company that supplies simplified interfaces to gateways for SMS and USSD for businesses.

Via Media

Via Media is a cellular solutions and innovations service provider seeking to enable small, medium and large companies in embracing the mobile revolution and developing strategies that will take their products & services into the mobile environment. 


Airvantage offers Airtime Advance Services to Mobile Network Operators giving them the ability to advance airtime, data & mobile money to their subscribers.



M4Jam (Pty) Ltd is a GIG TECHNOLOGY company that connects organisations to communities through a MOBILE PLATFORM. The platform is leading the way for South African businesses and communities to become agile and relevant in an increasingly disruptive environment by embracing the gig economy. 

M4Jam Value Proposition

Market Evaluation

Gain actionable insights on your products and/or services to access new markets.

Market Activation

Change, direct and activate consumer behaviour using gig technology anytime, anywhere.


Community Engagement

Connects businesses to local communities to offer them opportunities to generate income, develop skills, and gain experience.

Mobile Training

Influence and enhance performance with micro-training modules on your mobile.



Paymenow is a financial wellness and inclusion platform that allows employees early access to already earned wages. The service aims to empower users on how to migrate from indebtedness to becoming investors. The platform promotes responsible financial behaviour and encourages saving. Our vision is to initially ease the burden inflicted by payday and micro lenders through affordable, real-time, access to cash and to then educate and assist reaching financial goals.

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