What we do



The DNI group is a niche investment company in the retail, telecommunications and distribution sectors with a specific focus on increasing their already substantial national stakeholding in those areas of commerce. The fundamental resources of DNI are in their highly competent executive team that provide management support and mentorship to those companies within the group. DNI leverages its key individuals, a well-established market position and expert knowledge of the cellular and technology industries from strategic planning down to retail level.

Who we are

  • Andrew Dunn

    Andrew Dunn, has over 20 years in all areas of business development…

  • Dave Smaldon

    Dave joined DNI in 2007 and has a strong background in procurement.

  • Herman Kotzé

    Herman Kotzé has been Net 1’s Chief Executive Officer since June 1,…

  • Nanda Pillay

    Nanda Pillay joined Net 1 in May 2000 and is responsible for…